Downloading the Campaign List

SiteSpect allows you to download a list of Campaigns to a CSV file. You can download all Campaigns or the Campaigns of the currently selected Status.

To download the list:

  1. Select Campaigns then select a Status from the navigation. The CSV contains a list of Campaigns according to what you select. Selecting All Campaigns includes Campaigns of all Statuses, including those that have ended.
  2. Click Download Campaign List in the upper right corner of the page.

Downloading the Campaign List - Campaigns

  1. SiteSpect displays a Save dialog. Select a location for the CSV file and click OK.

  2. Open the CSV file to view the list of Campaigns. It contains the following columns:

  • Campaign ID
  • Campaign Name
  • Campaign Status
  • Variation Group ID
  • Variation Group Name
  • Variation Group Status

The following is an example of a section of CSV file:

Downloading the Campaign List - Example CSV File

Note: You can perform this same task programmatically using the SiteSpect API. For more information, visit our developers site: