Do I need to clear cookies, the cache, and temporary Internet files?

You may visit the Site that you are optimizing several times while setting up your Campaign components. This loads the pages of your Site into the browser's temporary Internet files. Once the Campaign components are created, you may want to check the Campaign and try to be assigned to an active Campaign (outside of SiteSpect's preview capabilities). It is possible (and common) for the browser to load the Site from cache or see the cookie and display the default page instead of a modified page, which prevents you from being assigned to a Campaign.

To ensure that you see the page you requested (especially from a SiteSpect Campaign), you must clear cookies and the cache and delete temporary Internet files before you attempt to be assigned to a Campaign.

Clearing cookies while you are logged in to SiteSpect logs you out. You will have to log back in. Contact the Help Desk at or +1-844-859-1900 if you run into trouble.

The steps you must take to clear cookies, the cache, and temporary Internet files depend on your browser. Follow the steps for your browser.