DNS Deployment

If you don’t use a CDN, then SiteSpect deploys your DNS configuration as shown in the following image. SiteSpect provides a DNS name for you to CNAME to. This allows the SiteSpect DNS infrastructure to dynamically route user requests to the SiteSpect Cloud based on current network conditions.


Screen Shot 2020-12-18 at 1.14.54 PM

Traffic flow:

End user's requests will be directed to SiteSpect proxy, SiteSpect will then direct the requests to your web origin.  In any case that the connection between SiteSpect to the web origin is unhealthy, an automatic bypass will trigger, and traffic will be directed to the web origin, without flowing through SiteSpect.


1. SiteSpect configuration set up - SiteSpect will set up the www.example.com.ssopt.net configuration, so it is ready to accept traffic, there will be a requirement documentation sent to you to gather information in order for the .ssopt.net record to be set up. 

2. CNAME change - Once www.example.com.ssopt.net is ready to accept traffic, your DNS team needs to make a CNAME change to the SiteSpect hostname. We recommend you lower the DNS TTL to 300 seconds before making the CNAME change.

*Note: root domain is not allowed to perform CNAME per industry standard, please consult with the SiteSpect team on this topic.  The general work-around is to redirect root domain to www subdomain on the web service.

3. Traffic validation test - After the CNAME change, both the SiteSpect team and the client should validate the website behaves as expected, and traffic is being routed through SiteSpect (RTSS response header should present).