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Custom Variables in a Data Export

A Custom Variable is a type of Metric. When you export data from SiteSpect, Custom Variables appear in a column within the exported data. When you review the data export, you'll notice that each row is a visit. For each visit, a Custom Variable is a list of unique entries separated by a comma. For example, a cell might have the contents "a,b,c,d".

The following describes the rules and behavior of the data:

  • Max Length per Visit – 65,535 bytes is the maximum number of bytes stored per visit for a single Custom Variable. In other words, one cell in the SiteSpect data export can store 65,535 bytes.

    For example: the length of "a,b,c,d" = 7 bytes. The commas are counted.

  • Max Length per Entry – 255 bytes is the maximum length for a single entry in the list.

    For example: "a" = 1 byte

  • Max Number of Entries per Custom Variable per Visit – There is no max number of entries. The maximum number of entries is constrained by the first two limits.
  • Entries are stored in random order.
  • If there are more than 65,535 bytes SiteSpect stops capturing data.
  • If you capture more than one value in the same response in the same Custom Variable, it captures only 255 bytes.