Cross Domain Tracking with SiteSpect

SiteSpect's Alternative Proxy can be used to have access to a user's cookies across top level domains.

Let's say you have a use case where your company owns two completely different and separate domains, but you want to capture traffic and interactions when users go directly from one domain to another. Here is the scenario:

  • You are routing your site through SiteSpect.
  • You want to direct users directly from it to another one of your sites, which is not routing through SiteSpect, in order to fulfill an incentive.
  • You want to be able track that user in SiteSpect but the user's cookies from the first domain are not available on the second domain. Now what?

Alternative Proxy can be configured to do the following:

  • This feature will show the URL of, but the contents of
  • The browser will continue to have access to all the cookies of
  • SiteSpect will be able to make Search and Replace changes and trigger Metrics for the page on