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Creating an Internal Redirect Variation

An internal redirect allows you to redirect to a new URL without changing the URL the user sees in the browser's address bar. You can create a Variation to do this as part of creating a new Campaign.

  1. Select New, then A/B Campaign.
  2. Open the Variations section of the page.
  3. Ensure that Find & Replace is selected.
  4. Next to Triggers, select Type: URL Rewrite.
  5. In the When to Change (Triggers) field, select URL and then enter the path of the URL of the site you want to redirect. For example, to redirect the home page of your site, enter:


    Or the same in Regex:


    which means only redirect if this is the home page.

  6. In the What to Change section, you will find the fields Find this URL and Replace with this URL.

  7. Under Find this URL enter the URL path that you want to redirect from.

  8. Under Replace with this URL enter the new URL you want to redirect to.

  9. Continue creating the Campaign and click Save at the bottom of the page.