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Copying a Campaign

SiteSpect allows you to copy a Campaign so that you can create a new one based on one you already know. Then, you can make changes to the new one.

To copy a Campaign:

  1. Select Campaigns. then select the Status of the Campaign you're looking for.
  2. Open the Campaign by clicking its name. The Campaign page opens. This is the Campaign that you are about to copy.
  3. Click the three dot menu and then select Copy Campaign.

    Copying a Campaign

    SiteSpect makes a copy of the Campaign and displays it. The name of the copy is the same as the original with (Copy) at the end of it. When you copy a Campaign, the copy's Status is Review. You must set it to Active - Running to actually run the copied Campaign.

  4. Rename the Campaign, if you like, and change any of its details. Remember to click Save it before you move to another page.