Cookies and Caching Data

We recommend that you cache the Assignment and Campaign data when making the GET request. The Campaign data is a hash of Variation Groups and Campaign Metrics that you must use in the POST call to send visitor behavior data back to SiteSpect. You must also store the SiteSpect cookies that identify a visitor since these cookies must be sent in the POST call so that the Metrics are recorded for the correct visitor.

Note: For convenience, you can send and receive cookies in the body of the request.

The cookies are:

SSID: Visitor Tracking - A persistent cookie that tracks a visitor over time. (Required)

SSRT: Recent Request Time - Stores the data and time of the visitor's last request to determine if the visit has timed out. (Required)

SSOD: Additional Data Storage - Stores additional Campaign data for the visitor, including the hit rating value and the baseline Metric hit data.

Note: These cookies may have been renamed on the Site Settings page for your Site.