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Campaign Types

There are several Types of Campaigns available in SiteSpect. Typically, you assign a Campaign Type while defining the Campaign. The Campaign Type determines how you plan to introduce changes in your website's pages.

  • Standard – Show assigned visitors Variations of an Original page.
  • Redirect – Change the URL requested by the visitor to a different URL. Rather than performing the search and replace within a page, as with Standard Factors, Redirect Factors deliver alternate existing pages to the visitor.
  • Client Side – Work on the client side to change the page using JavaScript and are not processed using the SiteSpect engine on the server side. They make it easier to test websites that are heavily built with JavaScript.
  • Origin – Use a signaling cookie to tell your servers which Variations visitors should see. SiteSpect manages the assignment of visitors, but the Variations to your site come directly from your origin servers.
  • Engine API – Allows you to create a Campaign using our Engine API.
  • Mixed Types – Use multiple Variation types in the same Campaign. Mixed Types lets you assign a different Type to each Variation defined for this Campaign. When you select Mixed Types in the General section, a Type drop-down appears in the What to Change section of each Variation that belongs to this Campaign. Select the desired type from the list for each Variation. This is the default.