Campaign Development Requests

The SiteSpect customer success team is available to build campaigns for you. Below is an outline of the process and expectations for campaigns, or individual components such as metrics, audiences, segments, and global variations built by our team.

Process for new campaign or development requests

  1. Fill out our Campaign Design Guide (CDG) with the details of your request, including a hypothesis, audience and metric requirements, user-flow details, links to the applicable areas of your website, and relevant assets.
  2. Send your CDG to, and optionally include your account team members for visibility.
  3. SiteSpect will review your request within 3 business days of submission and let you know the level of effort and estimated delivery time. Depending on the details provided and request complexity, we may reach out to ask clarifying questions before providing an estimate.
  4. Once you approve the LOE and delivery estimate, we will add it to our queue and begin work. The team will reach out with questions that arise during development and will keep you updated of any changes to the scope or timeline.
  5. Once complete, we'll send you a link to the campaign for you to review and include any notes you may need to keep in mind when previewing. If you have any tweaks to the campaign, send them back on the thread and we'll update.
  6. We perform an internal code review before sending it to you, but it is your responsibility to thoroughly QA prior to launching the campaign.

Campaign sizing and turnaround times

Typical campaign build and delivery times are outlined below. Delivery times will increase during busy periods. Your account team can advise on actual LOE and delivery times and will strive to better these where possible. 

Delivery estimate is from receiving full requirements. Changes to the requirements will result in a revised delivery date.

Campaign Size

Level of Effort

Delivery Estimate

S / M up to 10 hours 7 business days
L 11–20 hours 13 business days
XL 21–40 hours 15 business days
XXL 40+ hours 18+ business days