Best Practices for working with SiteSpect Support

This article reviews some best practices for working with SiteSpect Support.

Submitting a SiteSpect Support Ticket

For Urgent or Priority 1 incidents, always call the support line (numbers listed below) and follow up with an email to

For all requests, when submitting a SiteSpect support ticket either via email at or telephone, please include the following information for all support tickets:

  • Website address and/or specific page URLs where you are experiencing the issue
  • Reproduction steps including videos or screenshots if applicable
  • Information about the time the issue began
  • Any other details that support the investigation 

Submitting a SiteSpect Request for Campaign Development or Troubleshooting

When contacting SiteSpect either at please include the following information:

  1. For New Campaign or development requests, please include the Campaign Design Guide (CDG)
  2. For Troubleshooting, please include:
    1. Campaign Name as listed in SiteSpect
    2. Website address where the campaign is applied, including information as to what pages are affected.  Screenshots are very helpful to help us expedite resolution.

SiteSpect Support Lines

  • North American Support Line: 1-844-859-1900
  • UK Support Line: +44 330 822 1715
  • Europe Support Line: +31 20 82 020 82
  • Australia Support Line: +61 2 7908 6920