API Errors

Errors are returned using standard HTTP error code syntax and any additional information is included in the body of the response, JSON-formatted. Here are some standard API errors:

Code Text Description
400 Bad Request The request was invalid and further information is included in the error message.
401 Unauthorized The user was not authenticated due to a missing or incorrect API token.
403 Forbidden The request is understood but it has been refused or access is not allowed. The error message will contain more information.
404 Not Found Resource not found in the specified path.
405 Method Not Allowed The type of HTTP request you attempted is not allowed. Check the Allow response header for allowed methods on this resource.
429 Too Many Requests The user has sent too many requests in a given amount of time. Check the rate limit headers.
500 Internal Error The service encountered an error. Try again later or contact support.

The following is an example of error code structure from an API call without proper authentication:

"errors" : {
"message" : { "Invalid or Missing Authentication"}