Admin API: Order of operations

There are a few uncommon cases where the order of operations that is enforced in the user interface of the Control Panel, needs to be clarified for API activity

In cases using the Admin API to create a campaign, please to do not delete the OriginalControl, instead set it to inactive. This corresponds to "OFF" in the Control Panel. The following is a recommended flow for creating a campaign:

  •  Create campaign
    • wait for previous to finish
  • Get existing Variation Groups, which we'll refer to as OriginalControl and OriginalVG1.
    • wait for previous to finish
  • Create new Variation Groups, as before, not setting any to control
    • wait for previous to finish
  • Set a new Variation Group, to be control.
    • wait for previous to finish
  • Delete OriginalVG1 as before. Do not delete OriginalControl.
  • PUT to OriginalControl setting it to status: Inactive

When querying for Variation Groups with the API, the variationgroups-status can be added as a URL parameter ('active') so it only returns active Variation Groups.