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Adding a New Site and Domain on the Control Panel for SiteSpect Edge clients

This is a general guidance on how to add a new site and a new domain on a section control panel.

Configuring New Site

Location: Click "New" at the top right of the site list page when you log in to the admin. 

Tab "General"

  • Customer Name: Fill in company name
  • Type: Select the type of the site based on your understanding or client advice
  • Default URL for Preview: put in the default landing page url, usually "/".
  • Domain: i.e. www.sitespect.com

Tab "Implementation"

  • Implementation Diagram Upload: If the traffic flow diagram is complicated, upload the diagram from here. If traffic flow is simple, put it in the implementation notes such as "End user=> SiteSpect => Web Origin".
  • Content Delivery Network: If the client uses any CDN, please select the CDN vendor.
  • Implementation Notes: Anything you think necessary can be noted here.    

Tab "User Tracking":

Most of the default setting can remain the same, the below ones need modification.

  • Default Cookie Domain: typically this would be the second level domain. for example: .example.com
  • Cookie Names: for each different domain that you don’t want to track together, add appendix to the cookie name, for example for test.example.com, use cookie domain .example.com but adds “T” to its cookie name, such as SSID_T, where T stands for “test”.
  • Automatic Robot Detection:  Select "Append to  bottom of page" AND select "ajax()" option.

Tab "Communication and Pass Through"

  • Ensure front-end sites set up in site identities are in the whitelist to enable VE. Example: https://www.adorama.com

Tab "Features"

  • Leave as default.

Tab “Security”

Enable 2fa or GDPR per client’ requests, otherwise keep as default.


Configuring a New Domain


Location:Under configuration - Domains , click "new " at the top right corner.

Tab "General"

  • Description: Fill in the domain name i.e. www.sitepect.com
  • Type: Select the type of the domain.
  • Release order: typically staging would be low priority and production would be high priorities. 
  • Front End Name: insert the domain name i.e. www.sitespect.com
  • Protocol: HTTP
  • Front End IP addresses: select Auto Generated
  • Back End IP:
  • Back End Name:  next-hop
  • Protocol: HTTP
  • Check "Perform DNS Lookups"
  • Fill in "Healthcheck URL" “/__ssobj/liveness_check_sitespect”

Tab "Logging & Performance"

  • Remain the default setting


Grant access

Location: Users on the left nav bar
Select the user you would like to have access to the newly set up site.

Under tab "Site Access", select the needed sites and grand the proper accesses